Reinventing a global restaurant brand with a website that leaves you hungry for more.

The Project

Through striking visuals and sleek experience, we transfer the elegance of contemporary Japanese cuisine into the digital. Sumosan.com is a fully responsive website for one of the most sophisticated Japanese cuisine brands. The page is based on a series of beautiful videos and a visual menu that allows users to order their meal right from the page.


UX / UI / Branding / Frontend Development / Backend Development


REACT + Kunstmaan

The Story

Critcally acclaimed restaurant Sumosan needed a website that would match the quality of their cuisine.
They invited us refresh their brand and build the page from scratch.

Great folks at Touchfood created a series of beautiful videos showcasing the chefs’ craftsmanship.
We decided to showcase them in the way that is striking for the viewer, yet doesn’t interfere with the smooth user experience.

UX & Design

The website reflects the culinary philosophy of Sumosan, being rich in flavor and minimal at the same time.
The interface allows the users to browse through the restaurant’s menu, taking a closer look at each dish before ordering it.

The Tech

It’s one thing to design a video-based website, it’s a completely another challenge to implement it so that the browsing experience is smooth. Using React allowed us to stay flexible and quickly implement new iterations. Our backend developer have also developed a bespoke CMS based on Kunstmaan. The ordering system was created using Gulp and Webpack, which allowed us to faster process the orders.

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Project Manager
Adrianna Konieczna
Tech Lead
Wojciech Panek
Frontend Developer
Patryk Poleszczuk
Frontend Developer
Daniel Leszczyński
Backend Developer
Michał Soczyński
DevOps Engineer
Mateusz Kubaczyk
QA Specialist
Paulina Grabowska
UX/UI Designer
Jakub Paniączyk
Production Support
Dominika Stefańska

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