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An agile tool sparking meaningful brand-consumer conversations

Bespoke Software Development

Symetria is a leading user experience agency based in Poland, collaborating with the biggest brands on the market. They needed to build a bespoke app for agile user research.


Apptension took care of some aspects of the app’s design, as well as both, frontend and backend development.


Frontend: Angular JS + Angular Material + Saas + Pusher Backend: PHP + MySQL + Elasticsearch + Symfony 3 Tests: Karma + Protractor + PHPUnit

The Product

RespoTeam is a tool that helps to include end-users feedback in design and development process. Agile teams can invite users to share insights and opinions about ideas, design and content on a daily basis. The goal is to make user research/testing a daily practice rather than a project milestone.

RespoTeam enhances the custom-built user panel with its invitation modules and motivates respondents to submit their feedback through the gamification. Questions are delivered using a multiple notification mechanism, allowing for quick responses.

Whether it’s used by B2B internet companies or retail brands, the feedback is collected in just 1 day ands helps to determine the direction of product’s further upgrade or potential pivot. The chance of receiving an outside-the-box customer perspective in a single day, simplifies the decision-making process within the companies.

The Tech

The client needed the product to be of the highest quality for the users, so, naturally, the focus was on tests. We aimed for 90% code coverage.

In order to maintain an ongoing communication with the respondents, we decided to implement a Facebook Messenger bot just 2 weeks after they first appeared.
The biggest challenge, faced by us and the client, was to meet these expectations and create a rock-solid product in 3 months.

Solution: custom written software

The thing that enabled us to deliver RespoTeam in the desired shape and timeframe was a textbook collaboration between us and the client. Symetria, being an UX agency, knew their users really well and had a good grasp of what the product should be. We agreed to maintain some flexibility, editing a few of the requirements as we went.

The main focus was on the quality of the app. To make it bulletproof, we paid special attention to the code design and managed to achieve the 90% code coverage.
In order for the product to be insightful for the users in the qualitative sense, we implemented Elasticsearch. It allows users to filter the responses using keywords, which, in return, helps to interpret the open-ended answers. A Facebook Messenger bot allows for better communication with the respondents and Pusher maintains a real-time feel to the app.

RespoTeam is now available online and used by brands to gather insights about their services. We’re not stopping there! Stay tuned for more information about our current collaboration with Symetria.

RespoTeam - credits

Project Manager
Karolina Górowska
Frontend Developer
Andrzej Aleksiejuk
Frontend Developer
Daniel Leszczyński
Backend Developer
Michał Soczyński
Frontend Developer
Daniel Capeletti
Frontend Developer
Patryk Poleszczuk
Frontend Developer
Martin Kmieciak
Frontend Developer
Michał Obielecki
QA Specialist
Paulina Grabowska
QA Specialist
Dorota Zabielska
QA Specialist
Barbara Marszałek
UI Designer
Jakub Paniączyk
Art Director
Grzegorz Niepewny

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