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A seamless product development process, from creative concept, through coding to product maintenance.

Why choose Apptension as your product development partner?

  • Flexibility

    Having vast experience working for startups, brands, and agencies from all around the globe, we’ve developed a bulletproof software development process. At the same time, we’ve learned that flexibility is a must if we want to meet the expectations of our clients and their product’s end-users.
  • At every step of your product journey

    When we first meet, we tailor our workflow to your needs based on two criteria. One is your product development goal: whether you’re looking to test your business idea with an MVP or make a change on the market with a fully-fledged product. The other is how far you’ve already pushed your project vision.

Founder, Digital Studio

The app garnered extensive praise for the accuracy of its design implementation. Apptension’s consistent communication, responsiveness, and proven technical skill facilitated a dynamic collaboration. - Clutch Review

To give you a bigger picture of what you can expect from our collaborations, let us introduce you to our flow, from Discovery to Post-launch support.


If your product lacks clarity and an extensive documentation at the beginning - worry not. During the Discovery phase, also known as Sprint 0, our creative experts will research the market to fit your product idea to the target group and give you a better understanding of the problem. Then it will be verified by product managers and engineers who’ll suggest the most relevant tech solutions and production approach.

We’ll be here to listen to your business concept and guide you through the Discovery phase.

  • Workshop – market overview, end-user analysis and creating a customer journey map
  • Scoping – translating your business goals into a list of product features and defining the scope for an intuitive and minimal MVP
  • Roadmap – we provide you with a strategic overview of the project that incorporates objectives, milestones, deliverables, and the planned timeline
  • Technical discovery – an early prototype by our technical team to validate suggested tech solutions


Some Clients reach out to us already having a mature vision of their product and even done majority of the relevant documentation. If the necessary deliverables are already in place we will move into the production without any further delays and smoothly bring our experienced team of developers, QA specialists, and designers on board with project kickoff.

After an express on–boarding, we develop your product in increments. Each increment is a step towards the MVP. That value-oriented approach allows us to carefully review and test every feature delivered, increasing the quality of the final product. It also gives you a chance to see tangible effects faster and gives you the flexibility to reprioritize in-between increments.

  • Project kick-off – an express on boarding where Backlog is organized, the project infrastructure is set up, an initial test plan is composed and the testing environment is arranged
  • Development Iterations – we deliver working pieces of software ready for review and testing
  • Product Design - we design a seamless UX and a delightful UI.
  • Product Strategy – while the product is being build, our growth experts put your product into social and economics concepts

Post-live support

We know that software development is not a short trip, but a circular path. Whether you’re up for developing features outside of your MVP, adjusting it to the beta users’ needs, or perhaps looking for a warranty-like extension, our team is here to help you take your product to the next level. That’s what lets you stay ahead of the curve and keeps your product relevant.

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