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Frontend Developer
Python Developer
Project Manager
QA Specialist
  • DevelopmentJunior Frontend Developer
    Junior Frontend Developer
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    1. You’re excited to take part in Apptension’s mentoring program.
    2. You want to learn about frontend technologies and dev tools.
    3. You understand how Version Control System works.
    4. You’re a good team player, ready to learn from others.
    5. You’ve had a chance to work with HTML, CSS and JS.
    6. You know what code review is and why it is important.
    7. You're comfortable using our Atlassian stack: JIRA, Bitbucket and Confluence.
    8. You’re familiar with Node.js and React.
    9. You’re able to drive results with some support from your peers and complete well-defined tasks on your own.
    10. Your command of English allows you to understand project requirements well and communicate with English-speaking teammates.
  • DevelopmentRegular Frontend Developer
    Regular Frontend Developer
    UoP: 5000 - 7500 PLN net
    B2B: 8000 - 11000 PLN net + VAT
    1. You can unit test your code.
    2. You feel comfortable using use React and Redux stack in the projects you're working on.
    3. You regularly review your peers’ code.
    4. You use our GIT branching model successfully.
    5. Your code is clean and up to our predefined standards.
    6. You have a solid understanding of JavaScript and its features.
    7. You know how to write modular code in CSS.
    8. You’re familiar with WebGL.
    9. You’re capable of writing clear project documentation.
    10. You’re excited to bring up your ideas in front of the team.
    11. You’re able to communicate well with the team and the client.
    12. You take initiative when it comes to your area of expertise.
    13. You make steady progress on your tasks.
    14. You understand how your work fits into the overall project requirements and you’re able to identify potential problems.
    15. You’re capable of prioritizing your work and avoiding rabbit holes.
    16. You’re starting to learn in a self-directed way.
  • DevelopmentSenior Frontend Developer
    Senior Frontend Developer
    UoP: 7500 - 9000 PLN net
    B2B: 11000 - 13000 PLN net + VAT
    1. You're able to explain the technical aspects of your project to the client.
    2. You’re capable of planning or advising on project architecture.
    3. You’re happy to share your knowledge and experience with others (e.g., through our mentoring program, DevTalks, a blog posts, meetups or conferences).
    4. You have a basic understanding of backend development concepts.
    5. You require minimal direction and feedback from other developers.
    6. You’re able to identify risks in your own work and your team’s code as well.
    7. You manage the process of creating full project documentation by your team.
    8. You’re ready to be a tech lead, setting direction at a project level.
    9. You communicate effectively across function: with Design, Sales, Client’s team etc.
  • DevelopmentLead Frontend Developer
    Lead Frontend Developer
    Let me know when this role is open
    1. Your extensive technical expertise allows you to lead a variety of project types.
    2. You have a deep understanding of fundamental concepts of software engineering, beyond writing the code itself.
    3. You bring value to Apptension as a whole, trying to reduce the complexity of our projects and processes.
    4. You’re able to set direction at the service level, researching and proposing new technologies.
    5. You mentor less experienced peers and come up with ideas for our regular frontend meetups: DevTalks.
    6. You’re happy to share your expertise with the community during industry events.
    7. What’s next? That’s up to you! Whether you want to pursue a managerial track or provide highly-specialized technical contributions, we’re happy to discuss your goals and support you all the way.
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